We are happy to offer trainer passes for Backstage access to studio B ONLY. (Does not include ticket into theatre) 


Limited passes are available.  COST $150.00 + Gst. 

Fill out Form Below and a PayPal Invoice will be Sent to you.  

Once Paid, you will receive a "Trainer Pass" Lanyard the day of the show.

Pick-up at registration, you will get a covid test first at registration It is included in the price of the trainer pass. . 

Email : with any questions.  

It serves as an “back stage pass only” does not include access into -front of house- of theatre.

A regular ticket is required per seat in the theatre.  

Back stage there will be a monitor to watch as your athlete is on stage, you will be allowed in Studio B with them while they are backstage and pumping up. 

Passes are non-Transferable. one pass per Team Trainer. 

Xtreme Promotions reserves the right to refuse anyone.


1. You must wear your lanyard at all times. 
2. No one except competitors are allowed in the staging area, you may go to the pump up room. However once your client lines up for his/her class you can NOT watch from side stage. You MUST leave the staging area, and watch from Studio B. 
3. Listen to any and all instructions by our staff and volunteers.
4. Be polite and considerate to all.
5. Have fun.